Auto Parts

Automotive supply is an area of our business that we put a lot of time and effort into.  Whitelaw’s are currently working on making online ordering a reality for our shops.    With a very large warehouse in Toronto, next day delivery is always an option if we don’t have it on the shelf.  Whitelaw’s stocks its shelves with the chemicals and oils one would need to complete any job.  Whitelaw have a many specialty tool suppliers to help with that special tool you need to complete the job in your driveway.

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Autobody Supplies

Whitelaw Automotive is proud to be one of Canada’s leading PPG Platinum Distributors of Automotive and Industrial coatings.  With the new legislation in place to help protect our environment, Whitelaw’s has taken great steps to insure we can sell you a premium PPG product to fit your needs, while meeting the new legislations.  Whitelaw’s can also make custom colours for your hot rod, or OEM matches for that parking lot mishap.

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Performance Parts

At Whitelaws we try to fit all the needs of our performance customers be it a set of rims on a daily driver to a full turbo kit on a track car.  Whitelaw’s encourages both customers that know what there after and ones with a end goal seeking advice.  Big diesel trucks to small 2 doors, we’ve got your needs covered, with 3 major warehouses to pull from to get you parts the next day in most cases.

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Industrial Supplies

Belts and bearings are Whitelaw’s specialty, but it’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to industrial needs met for our customers.  From safety to shovels, chemicals to fasteners, Whitelaw’s will keep your job moving.

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